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Efficient Energy Compliance is a full-service energy consulting firm providing energy efficiency, management and compliance solutions for existing residential and commercial properties in New York City. We invite you to explore the scope of our services and encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific energy and compliance needs.


Efficient Energy Compliance offers a comprehensive suite of services for building owners and management companies to enhance energy efficiency value and ensure compliance with Local Laws 84, 85 and 87. From administering the requisite audits and executing retro-commissioning initiatives to providing construction bidding and management services, Efficient Energy Compliance’s team of construction and engineering industry veterans is unique in its ability to execute greener, greater results throughout the entire project life cycle while optimizing cost saving measures for owners.


As part of New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, Local Law 87 mandates that buildings over 50,000 gross square feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures. The following Scope of Services outlines Efficient Energy Compliance’s capabilities in auditing, reporting and directly addressing these requirements to ensure compliance while helping owners achieve more energy efficient and cost-effective building performance:

• Comprehensive ASHRAE Level II audits and assessments of base building systems including building envelope, HVAC, conveying, electrical and lighting systems and domestic hot water

In conducting the Energy Audit, the Efficient Energy Compliance team will develop energy efficiency measures estimated to be the most advantageous. These measures will be identified by capital upgrades or operational enhancements. Additionally, the team will identify probable utility incentive amounts and estimate third-party funding known to be available for specific recommended enhancements in order to offset implementation costs.

• Retro-commissioning measures to address the necessary fine-tuning of audited existing building equipment and systems as per Local Law 87’s requirements

Throughout the retro-commissioning process, Efficient Energy Compliance will ensure that existing systems are optimized for maximum energy savings and operating cost reductions while striving for extended equipment lifespans.

Efficient Energy Compliance will measure each subject property’s energy and water usage before and after the energy audit and retro-commissioning work per Local Law 84’s annual requirement.

In circumstances where the design, installation, retrofitting and replacement of equipment is recommended, Efficient Energy Compliance is capable of providing construction management and oversight of the entire process from end to end, including identifying contractors, negotiating bids, designing and filing upgrade plans and orchestrating all required special inspections.

In overseeing retro-commissioning initiatives, Efficient Energy Compliance will ensure that all projects meet the New York City Energy Conservation Code, per Local Law 85.

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